Climate Change, Environment & Energy

Dave has long said that the science is settled: climate change is happening. Dave believes we must follow the science and take steps to avoid and mitigate effects on our changing climate. We must also continue to invest in renewable energy like wind and biofuels that create jobs in Iowa. Additionally, Dave thinks we must begin preparing for things like the potential of increased flooding, severe storms, and changing growing conditions. Ultimately, we must end our reliance on fossil fuels and continue to invest in alternative, renewable energy sources. In the meantime, in the increasingly volatile world that we live in, it is also imperative that we curb our reliance on energy from the Middle East and other turbulent parts of the world. As Iowans, Dave believes we consider ourselves the first stewards of the land and we must ensure it remains that way for our children.

Dave has worked to pursue an all of the above energy future that curbs greenhouse gas emissions and increases our domestic energy production while ending our reliance on foreign oil. Investing in alternative and renewable energy sources not only cuts down on pollution, but creates thousands of jobs for homegrown industries in Iowa. He is proud to be a leader in Congress on investing in biodiesel and continuing tax credits for wind and solar development.