Loebsack Awarded No Labels “Problem Solver Seal of Approval”

Iowa City, IA – Representative Dave Loebsack announced today that he has been awarded the “Problem Solver Seal of Approval” from the group No Labels. Loebsack has been a member of the No Labels organization for more than two years and has worked with other members of the group from both parties to move our nation forward. Loebsack and his colleagues in No Labels have fought to pass reform-minded legislation, including the No Budget, No Pay Act, which has been passed by Congress and signed into law.

“I am very proud to receive the Problem Solver Seal of Approval from No Labels,” said Loebsack. “It is organizations like No Labels that bring together Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle to sit down and work together to move Iowa and our nation forward. I look forward to continuing my work with No Labels to clean up Washington and restore the faith that many have lost in those who are chosen to represent them.”

“Disagreements over specific policies or politics aren’t the only causes of perpetual gridlock in D.C.,” said No Labels Co-Founder Mark McKinnon. “Our leaders also haven’t defined a shared vision about what our country’s goals are. The National Strategic Agenda will enable our leaders to decide together where we as a nation should be going and how we will get there. We commend Rep. Loebsack for his support of this new governing process and his willingness to challenge the status quo on Capitol Hill.”