CR Gazette: 2nd Congressional District endorsement

CR Gazette: Loebsack has earned another term, could do more for Iowa

2nd Congressional District endorsement

Published: October 19 2014

The 24-county area that now comprises Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District has been well served by mild-mannered Dave Loebsack. Given his continued history of working on behalf of constituents and bipartisanship, we can find no impetus for change.We applaud his work with the Sectors bill, which was passed as part of the Workforce Reinvestment Act and provides job-skill training tailored to community and regional needs.

We also appreciate how his family connections to the armed forces have been seasoned with the more nuanced view the House Armed Services Committee provides.

Although we believe it is fairly easy for a member of Congress with no actionable authority to call for a return to Washington for discussions related to the military and ongoing Middle East conflicts, we also appreciate the fact that Loebsack has made such calls.

While Loebsack’s previous station as a college professor still can translate to “lecturing” at public appearances, his background in education continues to serve his constituents on many levels. As ranking member of an education subcommittee focusing on early-childhood education, we expect more and more efficient investment in young Iowans.

Current gridlock in Congress has created and exacerbated many problems in Iowa.

Short-term answers to transportation funding, for instance, have hampered solutions to the I-74 bridge in Davenport. Existing and proposed regulations, environmental and otherwise, have hindered the ability of Iowa companies to plan for the future. Lack of consensus on the Renewable Fuels Standard has created uncertainty within Iowa markets.

We do not feel it unreasonable for Iowans to expect Loebsack, no longer a Congressional freshman, to take on more of a leadership role on these and other issues impacting our state. In fact, we’d encourage constituents to demand it.

While we appreciate Loebsack’s tenacity and determination in the lengthy process of passing his Sectors legislation, we also are ready to see more backbone and leadership and less political platform posturing.

Loebsack should continue to look for areas of common ground with Republicans throughout the nation, but especially those who represent the portions of Illinois near the 2nd District. He should further use his background in education to lay the infrastructure foundation needed by the biofuels industry.

In short, we find no fault with Loebsack’s track record on behalf of the 2nd District, but do wish there was more of it.