Burlington Hawkeye: Another term for Loebsack

Burlington Hawkeye Editorial
October 31, 2014

Rep. Dave Loebsack delivers for the 2nd District and deserves another term.

First and foremost, we want our member of the United States House of Representatives to respond to our needs. If we’re having issues with the Social Security Administration in getting our monthly checks or the Veterans Administration Hospital isn’t responding to our needs, we need someone in government to help us. That’s the job of a representative.

And Dave Loebsack and his team have delivered. He wants to keep the job for another two years and hasn’t done anything we can see to warrant kicking him out of office.

His opponent once again is Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who really hasn’t stated a strong enough case as to why she’d be a better choice to represent us than Loebsack.

Granted, this has been a noisy election cycle. A lot of money has been pumped into Iowa, especially for the governor’s race and the one for U.S. Senate. Politics being what it is these days, that money has been directed at that sliver of the electorate that hasn’t made up its mind. Hopefully, on Tuesday the turnout will demonstrate the collective electorate remains interested in these people who work on our behalf. Since we’re paying the bill, we’re paying their salaries, we owe it to ourselves to be involved. And that happens at the ballot box.

Sadly, that’s often not the case, especially in years when we’re not electing a president. Here’s hope it doesn’t happen this year. It remains our government.

Miller-Meeks has challenged Loebsack twice before. The first time, her effort was hobbled by the terrible 2008 flood that decimated the district, particularly Cedar Rapids. Attention rightfully coalesced around Loebsack, who was still learning the ropes. Two years later, she tried again. While she came closer, it was a year when Democratic support of the Affordable Care Act was vilified, turning control of the House to Republicans. Still, Miller-Meeks could gain only 45 percent support.

Meanwhile, in our conversations with him, Loebsack seems to relish the opportunity to serve his district and has grown into the office.

His team is available. He’s responsive. That’s what the citizens of the 2nd District need. He does that. He deserves another term.