Quad City Times Endorsement: Loebsack for Iowa’s 2nd District

Loebsack for Iowa’s 2nd District (Quad City Times)

Times Editorial Board
October 29

Congressional redistricting put the Quad-Cities into Iowa’s 2nd District, suggesting that local voters would be choosing between two newcomers.

Instead, Rep. Dave Loebsack established an incumbent’s edge here by learning and adopting a Q-C agenda and reaching out to all levels of our community on both sides of the river. That diligence and outreach earns Loebsack our endorsement over strong Republican challenger John Archer.

Archer worked hard to overcome tough primary challengers, establishing himself as the nominee with stirring rhetoric at local Republican and tea party rallies. But his thin familiarity and flagging support of long-established local initiatives raised concerns. Archer told us he was willing to put the brakes on Interstate 74 bridge funding and opposes Amtrak rail service to the Quad-Cities, two projects that have enjoyed deep support through our community and require further support in Congress.

While we appreciate Archer’s candor in our interviews, we cannot send a congressman to Washington who threatens to undo decades of bipartisan Quad-City work.

Instead, we’re eager to see Loebsack continue to push for these initiatives and the Arsenal advocacy partnership he led with Rep. Bobby Schilling. Loebsack’s bipartisan leadership presented a unified front for the Quad-Cities’ top item on its growth agenda.

We believe Loebsack would return to Capitol Hill with much more knowledge and deeper relationships with Quad-City leaders of all parties.

He also would return to Washington without his fingerprints on the disastrous Budget Control Act, the doomsday bill that established automatic, devastating cuts Jan. 2 unless Congress acted responsibly. Given that Congress effectively has abandoned responsibility, the Budget Control Act invited calamity instead of solving problems. Loebsack joined Sens. Tom Harkin and Charles Grassley to vote against that bill.

Loebsack’s refusal to posture with the Budget Control Act, his record of service to the old district and extensive outreach to constituents in the new district earned our support.

We endorse Dave Loebsack to represent Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District.