Loebsack: John Archer Wants to Have His Medicare and Cut it Too

‘Doubles down’ on ending Medicare as we know it and Social Security

Iowa City, IA – Dave Loebsack released the following statement after John Archer solidified his position that he would end Medicare as we know it. Archer has often praised the Romney/Ryan Budget, which ends Medicare as we know it, but today he flatly said he endorses “vouchers” for Medicare. As if that weren’t bad enough for seniors, John Archer wants to go even further in undermining seniors’ security. When asked earlier this year if he supports privatizing Social Security, John Archer replied “absolutely.”

“I was raised in poverty in part by my grandmother. If it had not been for the Social Security survivor benefits she received, we wouldn’t have been able to put food on the table. That John Archer clearly doesn’t understand what it’s like for seniors living on a fixed income if he thinks turning seniors’ health care into vouchers and turning their retirement security over to Wall Street is the path to retirement security.

“Putting seniors at the mercy of private insurance companies and Wall Street while raising their health care costs by over $6,000 a year isn’t Iowa values, and it shouldn’t be John Archer’s either. I will always fight to stop Iowans like my grandmother from having their health care and retirement subject to the whims of Wall Street bankers and health insurance executives.”