Loebsack: Archer’s Priorities Are Not Iowans’ Priorities

Iowa City, IA – Dave Loebsack released the following statement in response to John Archer’s speech to Republican Party leaders.  On the heels of doubling down on privatizing Social Security last week, Archer again affirmed his allegiance to his Party’s extreme policies, including ending Medicare as we know it, rolling back women’s health care options and not closing the loopholes that send Iowa jobs overseas.

“Iowans have seen what John Archer thinks leadership is.  He thinks it is sitting silently by while Congress goes on vacation instead of passing a farm bill.  He thinks it is ending Medicare as we know it for Iowa seniors.  He thinks it is taking away the safety net of Social Security that so many rely on and turning it over to Wall Street.  And he thinks it is skipping out on his responsibilities to Iowans at the first chance he gets to hobnob with Washington Republicans and outside donors.  That isn’t the Iowa way and John Archer’s priorities are not Iowans’ priorities.”

Meanwhile, Loebsack has held more than 378 events across Iowa, has fought to protect Social Security and Medicare and has shunned politics as usual to work on a bipartisan basis to create jobs and support economic development in Iowa.