John Archer Doubles Down on Privatizing Social Security

Welcomes Vocal Critic of Social Security to Iowa

Iowa City, IA – Today, Dave Loebsack’s campaign released the following statement after candidate John Archer welcomed to Iowa the National Republican Campaign Committee Chairman, Pete Sessions.  Sessions is a vocal proponent of privatizing Social Security and turning it over to Wall Street.

“Even after former President Bush stopped his misguided push to privatize Social Security, Pete Sessions, and now John Archer, have taken up this effort,” said Brian Fritsch, Loebsack’s campaign manager.  “Dave was raised in poverty in part by his grandmother who used Social Security survivor benefits to put food on the table.  He knows firsthand the benefit Social Security provides to our nation’s seniors who have worked hard their whole lives.  It would be the height of irresponsibility to turn Social Security over to Wall Street, especially at a time when far too many Iowans have seen their retirement savings devastated by the economic downturn.  The Sessions-Archer plan to privatize Social Security would be dangerous for Iowa’s seniors.”