QC Times Editorial: We applaud their partnership

Times editorial board

Partisans might look askance at the collaboration of our Quad-Cities’ Republican and Democrat congressmen, but we don’t.

In fact, the working relationship between Illinois-side Republican Rep. Bobby Schilling and Iowa-side Democrat Rep. Dave Loebsack should be the model for whoever survives the November election.

Times reporter Ed Tibbetts in a July 14 story chronicled the congressmen’s partnerships on Rock Island Arsenal and Interstate 74 bridge funding. Their series of joint appearances and statements portray the relationship essential for success in Congress.

It’s important now as our airwaves get littered with extreme advertising that exceeds criticism of policy positions. It tends to depict partisans as lazy or self-centered.

“I think Congressman Schilling is seeking shelter from his votes in Washington, so everything he can do to be photographed with a Democrat, he’s going to do,” Rock Island County Democratic Chairman Doug House told Tibbetts.

Predictably, the campaign chairman for Loebsack’s opponent characterized the collaboration as a weakness. “We’re glad that Representative Schilling is helping Iowa families, because as Iowa’s most ineffective congressman, Dave Loebsack clearly can’t get the job done,” Brian Dumas told Tibbetts.

Voters can appreciate policy distinctions between Schilling and Loebsack being raised by their respective opponents. What confounds is reckless campaign rhetoric depicting them as clueless and out-of-touch, at the same time most Quad-Citians are seeing this pair effectively collaborate.

Like most Quad-Citians, we’ve yet to make up our mind in these races. But, like most Quad-Citians, we are absolutely convinced that our congressional delegation must present an authentic, united front on important Q-C matters.

Our thanks to the incumbents for establishing the kind of working relationship they or their successors must continue.