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I grew up in poverty and know what it is like to pinch pennies and to sit around the kitchen table and worry about paying the bills. We must take our economy back and ensure that the people on Main Street, the ordinary people who are the backbone of this nation, are able to once again live in a country where the American Dream is attainable.

I would not be where I am today without the great education I received in Iowa public schools. I have worked to drive industry and job growth through workforce development, spur the economic development needed to create jobs and jump start the economy now, and prepare our children for the good-paying jobs of tomorrow.

I grew up in poverty and know what it is like to sit around the kitchen table and worry about paying the bills. In order to help Iowa families and small businesses move forward, I have pushed for a number of tax cuts and incentives. That includes tax cuts to help small businesses hire and invest in the equipment that will help them grow, as well as providing tax credits to employers who hire veterans.

As a father and a grandfather, I am deeply concerned about the impact of the unsustainable debt on the future of our economy. I also know that Iowa families have been struggling for far too long in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. That is why I strongly believe we must reduce the deficit over the long-term and get our economy moving again.

It is long past time that our country implemented an effective, long-term energy policy that controls gas prices for families, businesses, and farmers; enhances our national security; and promotes economic development and job creation for Iowans. Especially in these tough times, the price of gas is taking a toll on Iowans’ pocketbooks. That is why I have worked to crack down on speculation that causes gas prices to spike; keep American-produced oil here in the US; increase energy efficiency so utility bills and gas costs are reduced; enhance domestic oil, natural gas, and alternative energy production; and to produce more American-made energy that supports good-paying jobs right here in Iowa.

I was raised in part by my grandmother who relied on Social Security Survivors Benefits to put food on the table and strongly believe that Iowa seniors who have worked hard all of their lives to make our state and country the great places they are should not retire into poverty. In these tough economic times, it is absolutely unacceptable to pull the rug out from under our seniors by reducing benefits that they planned on having in retirement or ending Medicare as we know it by converting it into a voucher program that will greatly increase out-of-pocket costs.

My family has served overseas, and I have seen first-hand the service and sacrifice of our
servicemembers, veterans, and military families. We must ensure our veterans receive top
quality care and benefits upon their return home and throughout their lives. Military families
must receive the support they need and deserve, and we must ensure that those who have worn
our nation’s uniform are not left behind in the economic downturn.

America’s health care system is far too costly and fails to cover many of those who need it most. No Iowan should have to file for bankruptcy because of medical debt. I believe in a health care system that puts patients before insurance company profits. As a result of health care reform, insurers can no longer drop Iowans’ coverage when they get sick or deny coverage to children because of a preexisting condition. One million young adults ages 19-25 now have health insurance through their parents’ plans. Seniors are also benefitting from reduced prescription drug costs, free preventive care, and lower Medicare and Medicare Advantage premiums.

Since the devastating floods hit in the summer of 2008, Iowans’ recovery has been one of my top priorities. In the immediate aftermath of the floods, I held over 100 flood related meetings, events, and workdays, which still continue today. Before the flooding fully hit, I sandbagged not as Congressman Loebsack but as an Iowan and your neighbor.

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